BAR & RESTAURANT Route66 is located near the center of Liptovsky Mikulas close to the shoping center Billa , where there is parking and a network of stores. It is divided into the floor with bar, restaurant and terrace, the floor, which is adapted for “live concerts” a meeting.

In the most visited bar in Liptovsky Mikulas you can sit at the longest bar in Slovakia and order any of the 153 kinds of drinks and peacefully wait for it while watching TV or large-size projectors ( 160 cm diagonal) . We offer tank beer Kozel – unpasteurized, rolled directly from the brewery. If you feel the hunger, or just feel the craving for some food, order you can order, but we must warn you that the kitchen is able to accept your desire to only 24.00. Meals from the grill even in only to 23.30 hours.