Visit Bešeňová and treat yourself to relaxation and fun in your favourite thermal water park in the Liptov region

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Thermal heart of the Liptov region

Bešeňová offers moments of undisturbed peace that recharge everyone with positive energy. Brown-red thermal water contains a lot of minerals and has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and breathing system, the skin as well as mental health. And a majestic view of the beautiful Malá Fatra Mts. and Chočské vrchy Mts. pleases everyone´s eye.

The water park that resembles natural sceneries of the lower Liptov region offers fun for all family members. The older generation can relieve their painful joints in pools with geothermal water. If you have small kids, you will love a hall with a bit relaxation pool that offers water jets and many other attractions. Or let your kids frolic in a children´s pool which is like heaven on earth for them.

Treat yourself to flawless relaxation in the Cosmopolitan pool bar and enjoy a mixed drink as well as beneficial effects of healing thermal water. What´s more, there are also massage jets to treat various parts of your body. This combination guarantees a truly special experience. Water attractions such as underwater benches and beds around pool edges, a water mushroom fountain or a water goblet are great for regeneration too. Forget all your troubles and recharge your batteries in our Wellness & SPA with a rich offer of massages and other services.

Relaxation pool

The warmest pool in the park. Thermal water with a high content of healing elements and massage jets relieve strained muscles of your body.

Water temperature: 36 – 40 °C
Water depth: 1.3 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool with Cosmopolitan water bar

While enjoying relaxation on water massage bubble beds, have a drink in the COSMOPOLITAN water bar.

Water temperature: 30 – 36 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: year-round

Recreation pool

Swim in thermal water of a recreation pool with two swim lanes to refresh yourself after a hot bath in relaxation pools.

Water temperature: 28 – 30 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool with a goblet

A thermal relaxation pool with pearl bath that flows from underwater seats. Water falls from a goblet on your shoulders and massages the back of your neck.

Water temperature: 36 – 40 °C
Water depth: 0.90 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool

Children pool

Swimming pool

Wild river

Recreation pool

An indoor pool with clear water, massage jets, pearl baths, water spouts and entrance to the Silver water slide.

Water temperature: 26-30°C
Water depth: 1.3 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool

An indoor relaxation pool with water spouts, underwater bubble seats and massage jets. There is also a bubble spring in the middle.

Water temperature: 36-38 °C
Water depth: 1 m
Open: year-round


This indoor pool with a fountain is popular mainly with the smallest children. They can play with various water toys and enjoy a water slide.

Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water depth: 0.2 m
Open: year-round

Silver water slide

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Level of difficulty: medium difficult
Length of the slide: 42.6 m
Open: year-round

  • 6 summer water slides
  • 7 year-round slides


Get on an inflatable boat together with your friends and raft a river around a ship, under a wooden bridge or through a narrow cave without crashing. Who comes first to the finish?

Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water depth: 1.1 m


BOur bubble can be climbed over or up, jumped on or slid down into a landing pool. It is soft and slithery as water falls from its top.

Water temperature: 35-38 °C
Water depth: 0.4 m – 1.02 m


Explore the inside of a pirate ship, dive to the very bottom and discover an old and forgotten treasure. An experienced diving instructor and rented equipment will be there to help you.

Water temperature: 27-28 °C
Water depth: 3 m

Children´s pool

Water buckets, water slides, fire engines, a waterfall and other water attractions for children are prepared to guarantee maximum water fun for small park visitors.

Water temperature: 33 °C
Water depth: 0.3 m

Wave pool 

Waves in a gradual sloping pool resemble the real sound of the sea. When in deeper water, sway on bigger waves. And the more courageous ones can try a climbing wall at the end of the pool.

Water temperature: 28 – 30 °C
Water depth: 0 – 1.8 m

Water slides

The biggest water slide tower with six water slides can be entered via the Amusement tent from the left. Enjoy a ride on the longest water slide in Slovakia or ride down one of colourful slides.

We know how much you love relaxation so we have decided to offer our sauna rituals every day. This means anytime you come, you can enjoy special sauna experience like never before.

What are sauna rituals?

Unique sauna pleasure prepared by professional and experienced sauna masters. Swirling hot air and melting ice with aroma essence add a completely new dimension to moments spent in a sauna.

What makes sauna rituals special?

Sauna masters pour water on stones to increase the air humidity, which makes you feel warmer. They use various tools to swirl hot air such as towels and alike. It is not only beneficial but also guarantees an interesting sauna culture lesson.

For whom are sauna rituals meant?

Are you not sure if sauna ceremonies are suitable for you? Try them. Every ritual is about 10 minutes long and after it, there is enough time for relaxation and refreshment, for example with a drink in your hand.

If you know sauna rituals and have experienced them during the day, we can guarantee the experience will be multiplied at night, especially thanks to the silence and peace in the whole area. The number of clients is limited so don´t hesitate and make a reservation.