Total length: 22,33 km
Height a.s.l.: 592 / -592
Walk time: 06:00
Bike time: 03:00

Ružomberok – Biely Potok – Vlkolínec – Vtáčnik – Malinô Brdo – Sidorovo – Kalvária – Ružomberok

Start your journey in Ružomberok by visiting the Liptov Museum. Expositions of nature, archaeology, history, ethnography and celluloses in Slovakia are open to public as well as an exposition of Andrej Hlinka´s life and work. Set out for a journey to discover the beauties of the region Liptov in the village of Biely Potok. Here you can see the Church of St. Vendelín from 1901 and the Monument of the Fallen in the World War II, which is dedicated to memory of fallen soldiers in the struggle against fascism.

Vlkolínec – a lively village of folk architecture reserve is certainly the most interesting stop. In 1977, it was declared a conservation reserve by the Slovak government and included in UNESCO´s World Heritage List in 1993. Probably the first written mention of the village of Vlkolínec comes from 1376, when it was mentioned as one of the parts of the town, “streets” of Ružomberok. Vlkolínec was a peasant village. The village represents the best preserved and most complete urban unit of original folk buildings in central Europe. Due to its remoteness, historical character and the surrounding countryside of the seat Vlkolínec retained preserved, as well as outside appearance of buildings and internal layout of the most of houses. The museum offers workshops for children and adults. You can try tinkering, glass painting, bobbin lace work, and so on. Adjacent meadows offer beautiful panoramic views of Vlkolínec.

The route continues and takes you onto a dominant hill above Vlkolínec, called Sidorovo (1,099 m asl.). It consists of limestone and dolomite. It is the highest peak of the ridge Veľká Skala (Big Rock), and is located on its southern end. The main feature of Sidorovo is erosion in the form of massive rock walls, which are best seen on the south side. On the east and west sides you can see rock needles. Climb up the most famous needle called Krkavá rock (1,099.9 m asl.) located on the east side.

Easter Stellar Tourist Climb is a big event organized by the Civil Association Vlkolínec every year on Easter Sunday. Those with more skills will certainly take part in a climb up the mountains Vtáčnik (1,090 m asl.) and Malinné (1,209 m asl.) which provide very nice views of the surrounding area. When passing Malinô Brdo, take a break in Tarzania Hrabovo which is located not far from the centre of the town of Ružomberok, next to the departure station of the cable car to Malinô Brdo. You can find red, blue and children´s trail in the resort. Don´t hesitate and try a 50m cableway. There is a choise of 2 trails from Sidorovo to Ružomberok: a more advanced climb up the mountain Sidorovo and Krkavá skala or an easy bike trail leading to Ružomberok. You will go along forest paths, wells and forest growth. If you are lucky, you might come across forest animals, or see mushrooms and taste berries. Have a rest at Calvary, the only one calvary in the region of Liptov situated above the town. It has 14 stations. It was built in 1858 in the classicistic style, and charge dates back to 1873. Your journey ends in Ružomberok. After a great day, fill your hungry stomachs in one of the great restaurants: Koliba u dobrého pastiera (Good Shepherd´s Hut) or Jánošíkova krčma (Jánošík´s Pub). Or enjoy bowling in a bowling club STODOLA Ružomberok.