Original connection of blacksmithing art and passion for travel which resulted in an untraditional kind of children´s amusement park.

Tatrapolis  is mainly designated to children, who can either have fun in here or learn something new from Geography or History. It´s a suitable place for a family holiday or school trips. The main entrance is situated next to the Hurricane Factory´s building.

PRICE LIST osoba od 3  rokov person/ park
TATRAPOLIS TICKET 7 € 1 person / 1 park
3 parks for 1 price (Tatrapolis + Zoo kontakt + Butterfly garden)
(Ticket validity from 1.7. – 17.9.2017)
14 € 1 person / 3 parks

Over an area of 1,61 ha (m2) you can see metal miniatures of world´s famous buildings, you can experience the blacksmith´s work.


The Atomium is a building in Brussels designed by an engineer André Waterkeyn for the Expo 58 World´s Fair.

The metal structure representing an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times consists of nine spheres constituting atoms. Atoms are arranged on the cube tops and one atom is at the centre of the cube. The spheres are connected by tunnels, which symbolize the unseen forces between the atoms. The entire structure is mounted on three double pillars with staircases.

Big Ben

The Elizabeth Tower or Big Ben is a tower at the north-south end of the Palace of Westminster, the seat of Parliament. It is popularly known Big Ben according to the bell placed inside the building. It is one of the most famous London sights. The clock tower was built by an architect Sir Charles Barry during the reconstruction of the original Palace of Westminster.

Burj Al-arab

Translated as Tower of The Arabs, Burj Al-Arab is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is situated on an artificial island 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach and is connected to the mainland by a private route. The building foundation is driven 40-45 metres into the seabed. The shape of the building is designed to mimic taut sail of typical Arabic sailboats. 70.000 m3 of concrete and 9.000 tons of steel were used to build the hotel, and 10.000 meters of gold leaf were used to decorate it.

CN Tower

The CN Tower is a high tower on the shore of Lake Ontario. It serves as a telecommunication tower, spreading TV and FM signals. Annually, it is visited by 2 million more visitors from around the world. Construction of the tower began in February 1973 and its foundation extends to a depth of 15 metres. The tower consists of 147 floors and at an elevation of 336 m there is a platform, on which the 360 Restaurant was established. The restaurant´s main feature is that it completes a full rotation once every 72 minutes.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a metal structure built on the Champ de Mars near the Seine, Paris. It is the tallest building in Paris and one of the most famous symbols worldwide.

The tower was built for the World’s Fair in 1887-1889 on the occasion of a 100-year anniversary of the French Revolution.

3.000 metal workers participated in the construction of the tower. They used 2.5 million rivets to assemble 18.038 pre-arranged metal parts in just 26 months. The tower has three platforms – at an altitude of 57 m, 115 m, and 274 m almost at the top.

The Eiffel Tower encountered resistance of Parisians, who considered it a slur. Today, however, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most beautiful examples of the world´s architecture.

Petronas Tower

The Petronas Towers are twin skyscrapers designed by an Argentine architect César Pelli. Construction of the towers was sponsored by an oil company Petronas, according to which they are named.

At an altitude of 170 metres, between floors 41 and 42, the towers are interconnected by a two-level bridge which is 58.82 m long and 5 m wide. It serves as an emergency fire exit and a sightseeing spot. The bridge is not firmly anchored but it enables independent movement of both towers up to 30 cm for wind.

Double-decker elevators are used to transport passengers in the building. Their lower deck serves odd-numbered floors and the upper deck even-numbered floors.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty reminds friendship and aid granted by France to the American settlers. It stands on an island near New York since 1886.

The right arm holding a torch is 12.8 m long, only an index finger is 2.4 m long. Brocken shackles of tyranny lie at the Statue´s foot. The left hand of the Statue holds boards representing the declaration of independence and its crown with seven spikes is a symbol of freedom that has to radiate over the seven seas in six continents.

Over time, the Statue has become a symbol of America. In 1984, the Statue of Liberty was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sydney Opera House

The opera building features a modern artistic design using special shells. The aim of using the untraditional shape of shells is to significantly distinguish the opera building on the peninsula from the monotone square buildings in the city.

The Sydney Opera House consists of five main halls, an exhibition hall, a recording studio and restaurants. The theatre involves 1.507 seats and the concert hall has a capacity of 2.679 seats. The building became the most popular element of Australia and one of the most famous buildings in the world.

The leaning tower of Pisa

Construction of the tower with a bell tower began under the direction of an architect Bonanno Pisano in 1174.

By the time the construction had reached the third floor and a height of about 11 meters, the annular base begun to lean 15 cm.

Pisano was trying to balance a tendency on the fourth floor, but he failed. For fear of the fact, that the building would fall down, he decided not to continue.

In 1234, an architect Giovanni di Simone, however, built three more floors of the tower keeping the same design as Pisano.

And so the cylinder-shape basic tower was built. Due to soft subsoil, the tower´s tilt had been increasing over the centuries and at the end of the 20th century the tilt reached 4.5 meters. And that´s why two figures are always indicated on the height of the tower. It is 55.22 meters on the north side and 54.52 metres on the south side.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is a 101-storey skyscraper in the city of Tchaj –pej, Taiwan. It is the third tallest building worldwide. Taipei 101 comprises 101 floors above ground and 5 basement levels. The building is in close proximity to an active tectonic fault and also in the area with frequent typhoons and tropical storms.

C. P. Wang, a Taiwanese architect found inspiration in a plant that is inherently associated with the region – a bamboo. At first glance, it´s not too hard, but its composition is naturally flexible. The architect’s inspiration was also reflected in the outer form of the building, which resembles a massive blade.Exceptional technical solutions make the Taipei 101skyscraper one of the symbols of the modern world´s architecture.


Only a few kilometres east of Rotterdam, near the city of Dordrecht, there is a renowned group of 19 windmills, a destination of many tourists and sightseeing tours. These mills were built around 1740 and today are fully functional. Due to their number and size as well as preservation of the complex, this group of mills was included as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1997.

Tower at Kamzík

Tower at Kamzík is a TV transmission tower located in the Bratislava Forest Park, the Koliba area, the Small Carpathians mountain range. It is the highest building in Bratislava. The tower is one of the landmarks of the capital. The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1967 and it was completed in 1975.

The Kamzík Hill (transl. Chamois Hill) has an altitude of 438.4 meters and is clearly visible from afar which enables either good signal propagation or good visibility. The tower is the first building visible almost from all access roads to Bratislava. A silhouette of the tower is clear and thin from afar. The tower also serves as the public broadcaster.


Free Children´s attractions are a big allurement for children and adults and are included in the price of admission


Motodrome is a popular family attraction for all age groups found at Tatrapolis. Have fun during your special ride in fast cars crashing into opponents and riding over an area of 20.0 x 10.0 m.
Maximum safety is a certainty even in strong collisions.
The capacity of the Motodrome is 12 cars, 1 car / 2 people, 24 people in total. Input power: 380 V.

Water shot

Enjoy the real water shot only at Tatrapolis! A 8.5 m high mining tower is intended only for entertainment – mine carts will take you up to the top of the tower, you´re then discharged at a high speed and catapulted directly to a nearby lake. Don´t you feel like trying the Water Shot by yourself? Come to Tatrapolis and enjoy the attraction and a true dose of adrenaline.

Children carousel

Recognize the charm of a classic chain carousel which also offers fun for the smallest ones. The children´s chain carousel is dedicated to children over 3 years of age. The capacity is 10 seats.

Tatrapolis Expres

Set out on an adventurous and educational excursion over the world. You´ll be taken to a miniature park by Tatrapolis Express train. You can discover special versions of famous buildings from all over the world in a few minutes. Just get on the train and enjoy the world beauty.

Confused Boats

Confused Boats – a popular children´s attraction at Tatrapolis bring genuine water fun even to the smallest ones. Get on your boat and devote your time to crazy water fun. The attraction is dedicated to children aged over 3.

Mirror Labirinth

It´s a labyrinth which brings children and adults another dimension of entertainment.  Find your way out of the labyrinth which isn´t easy at all. Or take part in a competition – Who passes through the Mirror Labyrinth in the shortest time possible?