Maria has sailed to us from far Russia, where she was created by several old seadogs to bring joy and happiness to people. Originally the ship could accomodate 90 people standing, however a few smart people had an idea  – decrease the capacity and allow cruisers the more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Since then, you can take a seat, even thou there’s a little less passengers on board (55) and the view is far better.
As off 2014 season Maria has undergone the treatment and is looking forvard to you under the supervission of the proffesional crew in dock of ATC Liptovsky Trnovec.

Have you ever seen the mountain view from the water surface? It’s magical. and it’s certainly different than any other view of West or Low Tatras or Choč.

Please accept our invitation and be part of the ship that we made with love for your pleasure. Become a part of Maria and enjoy the moments of relax and breath-taking surroundings under the supervision of our professional crew.

The ship Maria is available to you for birthday celebration, children parties or company events. Our team will arrange a fun – themed program according to your wish.