Total length: 16.26 km
Height a.s.l.: 460 / -460
Walk time: 04:30
Bike time: 02:30

Ružomberok (The Liptov Museum – Hotel A) – Hrabovo – Malinô Brdo (cable car + bike trail) – Rybárpole – Ružomberok – Likavka – Likava hrad – and back to Ružomberok

This can be a bit more difficult yet more interesting route in the town of Ružomberok. You can start it with a visit to the Liptov Museum. Expositions of nature, archaeology, history, ethnography and celluloses in Slovakia are open to public, as well as an exposition of Andrej Hlinka´s life and work. After your visit to the museum pass the village of Hrabovo. You can also have a break at Calvary above the town with fourteen stations, which is the only one in the region of Liptov. It was built in 1858 in the classicistic style. You are entering a protected area where you can enjoy the forest environment and breathe the fresh mountain air. By bike you can get to the ski and bike resort Malinô Brdo, where you have several options. The more adventurous of you can take a cableway and then bike down any of marked trails to get back. The Bike Park at Malinô Brdo with a total length of more than 10 km offers 3 mountain bike trails graded according to difficulty. The most difficult trail – a downhill trail – with a length of 2,200 m meets the international criteria and overcomes an altitude difference of about 400 m.

In addition to downhill trails, sections for mountain terrain scooters are also found in the park. Your bike or scooter will be comfortably carried up to the starting line by an 8-seater gondola. Special mountain bike rental is available, too. Of course, you can ride your own bike. The trails are adapted to all ages. Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo, inter alia, is a ski resort with a wide range of pistes. Their lengths range from 130 m to 1,200 m. In addition, there is a 3,900 m long ski slope that starts at Malinô and ends at Hrabovo, at the cable car valley station. If you are not comfortable with a difficult trail, you can relax in a café or a restaurant – Restaurant Fatrapark, Hotel Malina and others. On your way back, go alongside the Hotel Áčko *** in Ružomberok, and head for the village of Likavka along the right shore of the river Váh towards the village of Rybárpole.

If you continue further and take a short walk before the finish line, you will reach the Likavský Castle – a sentry castle from the 14th century. It was guarding the passage across the river Váh by the town of Ružomberok and an important way from the region Považie to Orava and to Poland. At present, it is the most impressive building of medieval fortification architecture in the region Liptov. It ´s quite difficult to describe the Likavský Castle, it must be seen. Just one climb to the highest point will leave you impressed for the beautiful views of the surroundings. It´s a real fairy tale and it is worth reading. The ghost of robbing knight lives in the ruins of the castle, so watch out. If you are interested in history and historic churches, we recommend you to visit the Church of St. Martin in Martinček on your way back. Historical data of the church are little known, there is a theory about a mysterious Templar monastery, and a romantic legend about the murder of a great Templar supervisor and teacher John Gottfried de Herberstein of Styria in 1230. The church is one of the oldest monuments of the region Liptov. If you look around, you may also find a hidden Templar treasure. Finally, after your day full of experiences, turn back to Ružomberok and indulge in relaxation in the Relax Centre of the Hotel Áčko *** where you can enjoy an excellent restaurant, bar, terrace, swimming pool, sauna, fitness, solarium, Jacuzzi, pool and so on.