Welcome to Ovečkoland, the only funpark of its kind in Slovakia. Surrounded by the Tatras peaks where flocks of sheep are grazing over the mountain meadows you can test your skills as a true Liptov´s shepherd directly beneath the steepest bobsleigh track at the end of the village of Pavčina Lehota.

Alpine (Wallachian) way of sheep breeding is unique and specific feature of traditional folk culture in Slovakia. Come and visit our sheep and try to „graze“ them through an obstacle course. Play with lambs or hand-feed them. Both small ones and big ones can enjoy fun in the meadow with breathtaking views of Liptovská Valley and surrounding peaks of the Low and West Tatras. Help sheep to escape from wolfs with a variety of mini-games, build a tower to heaven, answer the shepherds’ quiz and try to win your own Shepherds´ Card! In addition to atypical attractions, you can refresh yourself in a buffet or enjoy the peaceful calm with your family, which only old Liptov´s shepherds know. We are looking forward to your visit!