Exposure to traditional ways of life and living mining families in the house with the original original equipment, which for museum purposes donated last owner Daniel Böhmer. The house has päťpriestorovú disposition of the original heating system. The entrance space is grotesque that in addition to the communication function also serves to prepare food. The front room was occasionally inhabited room. In the back room, which in the past served to spávanie and daily life, the exhibition of the history of mining in the area Vyšná Boca. The house has two chambers, one called. izbenná occasional spávanie and storing duvets and clothes second chamber was used to impose economic and food dishes. In buildings, “stables”, which is part of a farmhouse, situated exposure of breeding cattle, sheep and meadow management, which is in the valley Bocianska exhibited characteristics and Muted after mining activities have become one of the main occupations of the local inhabitants.