The resort Jasná Nízke Tatry offers fresh clean air, relax and the opportunity to get plight several ways in the summer – it is a unique place with modern sports possibilities for everyone.

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Jasná Nízke Tatry offers numerous trails for hiking and trekking different difficulty, from difficult, which requires a certain degree of preparation to those that are suitable for families with children or beginners.  Choose according to your physical condition and in case you don’t feel in the mountains like at home use the services of the mountain guides, thanks to whom your activities in the mountains become safe adventure. We are offering you one day easier hiking tracks or multi days intermediate and difficult mountain tracks. 

If you are inspired by our offer and accept the invitation to the world of silence you can discover a wonderful gift which the nature gave to Demänovska valley and Low Tatras.
Popular hiking tracks to the highest located and the most famous peaks Ďumbier (2043 m) and Chopok (2024 m), that are unique thanks to their views of the Western and High Tatras peaks.

A cableway trip up the Low Tatras ridge is also a unique experience.

Take this opportunity and use cableways though the school holidays have come to an end.  Hence all age groups can enjoy the beautiful views. Colourful nature and a colourful offer of services are waiting only for you!

It is a common walking with special sticks. The main difference is the active involvement of the upper muscles. So the walking becomes highly effective training method. It is designed for the beginners, older people as well as for athletes.

There are participating more than 90% of muscles in this training method and the energy consumption increases by 40%. The advantage against the conventional walking is lower pressure of the under joints in conjunction with efficient calories “burning”. The mountain environment is ideal for Nordic Walking. The body learns to use the oxygen efficiently during the training. This effect will be evident only at longer stay in the higher altitudes. Leave the the experience instructor to set up a training program for you and start with Nordic walking in Jasna.

Other positives of Nordic Walking

  • increases the mobility of the spine
  • saves the joints and knees
  • increases the walking confidence
  • relieves the muscle tension in the back area and shoulders
  • improving plight, mobility and blood circulation
  • burns up to 400 calories per hour (normal walking 280 calories)

Nordic Walking trails

1. Around Vrbické lake

difficulty: light

You can find this trail in Jasna, behind the hotel Grand Jasná. It is suitable for the beginners as well as intermediate. You will find the starting point next to the wooden bridge in the southern part of the mountain lake. The range is not difficult without any significant elevation. If your exercise has the aerobic activity character (break down fats) you should complete the range at least 3 times.

Starting point: hotel Grand Jasná
Elevation: max 8m length of the range: 0,8 km Duration: 10 min
Distance from the Hotel Grand: 200 m

2. Biela púť – Ostredok and back

difficulty: middle

The starting point of this trail is located on the main access road to Jasna, not far from the cross-road Biela Púť – Otupné. You can find it on the information map. This trail is specific by its same return way. It follows the footsteps of SNR’s heroes and ends on the symbolic cemetery. The trails leads along the Ostredok ridge and offers a unique views of the ski resort Jasná same as views of side and main ridge of Low Tatras.

Starting point: hotel Grand Jasná
Elevation: 150m length of the range: 3,5 km Duration: 45 min
Distance from the Hotel Grand: 300 m

3. Through Zadné vody

difficulty: difficult

The trail starts and ends at Vrbicke mountain lake. You can consider the wooden bridge in the southern part of the lake as a starting point. You will continue right over the bridge and you will turn right south direction after 15m. Follow the stony road until you get to the wooden sitting. You need to turn left on this place and by slight climbing reach the road that leads again to the north.  Follow this road and the creek valley and small lake will be on your left. This will take approx. 30 -35 min until you reach a wooden bridge over the creek. You will connect to the road that will lead you to Mikulášska Cottage and Vrbické Pleso behind the bridge.

Starting point: hotel Grand Jasná
Elevation: 200-250m length of the range: 6 km Duration: 1h -1h 20min
Distance from the Hotel Grand: 200 m

4. Ridge

difficulty: light

From TATRY MOTION Záhradky follow down into the valley Demänová, along the creek to the slope Lúčky on your right. Here you pass to upper part of the slope to the upper station of the lift. The trail leads directly from this place along the ridge up to the slope Turistická in location Záhradky. Follow the slope to the starting point.

Starting point: Záhradky
Elevation: 150m length of the range: 3,5 km Duration: 40 min.
Distance from Záhradky: 0 m

5. Sport

difficulty: middle

From TATRY MOTION Záhradky follow down into the valley Demänová, along the creek to the slope Lúčky on your right. Follow down to bungalows Lúčky. You will reach the meadow with nature trail sign after 60. Turn right behind the sign and there you will find a road that leads to the Turisticka slope. . Turn right after reaching a wide forest road. The end of this road is Turistická slope which takes you back to Záhradky.

Starting point: Záhradky
Elevation: 200 m length of the range: 3,9 km Duration: 1h 15 min
Distance from Záhradky: 0 m

 Rumours have been swirling about Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) that a big treasure is hidden there. Nevertheless, nobody dared get it because there is a dragon guarding it. What´s the truth?

csm_fun_dragon_10_e4157b966eThere lives a chummy DRAGON DEMIÁN in Demänovská valley, who is a guardian of the forest protecting the treasure. Get ready to follow Demian´s footsteps. Don´t be afraid of anything. On your adventurous journey, you´ll get to know the secrets of the mountains and have much fun with your new friend – a legend of Demänovská valley.

 It´s a family game enjoyed by all members of the family, which will have a playful day in the countryside. If you wish to be a dragon explorer, just follow the map. The map shows the route simply indicating the places where ten tasks have been hidden. After the particular tasks the best dragon explorers will be given an indication to reveal the Demián´s password to the DRAGON´S PARK CHOPOK. You can pick up the map at the cash desk Záhradky, at the Infocentre Biela Púť orat the cash desk of the cableway Chopok Juh (South).  
If you resolve at least THREE MYSTERIES in the map, you´ll get a reward! You can pick up the reward at the INFOCENTRE Biela Púť or at the cash desk of the cableway CHOPOK JUH (SOUTH). Modern cableways are in operation daily as well as Bike World for less experienced, recreational cyclists, and for families with children. Enjoy the wonderful countryside and endless views. Bars and restaurants provide tourists with nice places to sit and take a rest.

Mountain carts are amusing and easy to control. They are ideal for all age groups, from children aged 12 to pensioners. When riding, two brakes help control the speed, which guarantees simple and safe mastering of curves and other difficulties on the track.

Jasná offers mountain cart rides with a vertical drop of 662 metres and panoramic views of the beautiful Liptov region. Simply fun for everybody!

The rides are divided in two groups – according to the level of difficulty. If you are interested in a fast adrenaline adventure and a more difficult terrain, try riding down from Mt. Chopok to Priehyba. And if you look for fun for all your family, try the track from Koliesko to Biela Púť.


  • start – Kosodrevina, finish – Krupová
  • a mountain terrain track 2600 metres long
  • suitable for children from 12 years and adults, children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult person


  • start – Koliesko, finish – Biela Púť
  • a safe and easy track, 816 metres long
  • suitable for children from 12 years and adults
  • Mountain carts guarantee an interesting adventure for all family members in a beautiful mountain environment. One just needs to take a cableway to Koliesko or come to the start on foot.


  • start – Mt. Chopok, finish – Priehyba
  • a mountain terrain track,  4,350 metres long
  • suitable for children from 12 years and adults, children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult person
  • Adrenalin fans can surmount Mt. Chopok from the altitude of 2,004 metres. They just need to take a cable car to Mt. Chopok, the Rotunda building or come to the start on foot.
  • The mountain cart downhill on the track Mt. Chopok – Priehyba takes 45 minutes. Every extra half an hour costs 6€ and must be paid for in the finish area in Priehyba.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience while riding on mountain carts from Koliesko to Biela Púť or from the top of Mt. Chopok to Priehyba.