Whether you are with friends, family, expert or beginner skier resort Jasná Nízke Tatry offers activities and beautiful environment that you will love. The resort is located in the mountains Low Tatras which is part of the national park NAPANT. Low Tatras massif trails over the middle of Slovakia in the length of 82 km the east-west direction, between scenic valleys of Váh and Hron. The highest peak is Ďumbier 2043 m a.s.l. and the second highest peak is the known ski and hiking hill Chopok 2024 m a.s.l..

Jasná Nízke Tatry as the largest ski arena with great conditions for winter sports in Slovakia offers endless opportunities of entertainment and active relax on the northern and southern side of Chopok. The resort offers 49 km of perfectly snowed up slopes different difficulty, suitable for beginners, families with children, advanced skiers and also to organize world class competitions. Modern snowmaking system in the length of 30 km offers the snow guarantee for minimum 5 months in a year. The wild ride lovers will be able to enjoy the free ride zones in great snow park. You can ski in the evening on the illuminated slope at Biela Put. The length of the winter season is usually from the beginning of December to the end of April. There are operating 30 cable cars and lifts with transport capacity more than 30 000 persons per hour at Chopok

Fresh Track will provide you with an extraordinary experience of skiing on empty slopes. Go skiing with a professional guide before the official launch of cableways!

Beside perfectly maintained ski trails, carrying up by a cableway, and the guide, breakfast is also included in the price, served in a mountain restaurant directly on the slope at an altitude of 2,004 m asl -Rotunda Restaurant and testing of Völkl skis.

Enjoy the morning actively and relax in front of the delicious breakfast and a cup of hot drink.

When: Every Tuesday and Saturday 7:30AM – 9:00AM (depending on snow and weather conditions).

Time schedule:

Boarding place Záhradky:
7:00 Picking up Völkl skis for TESTING in the rental office located next to cash desks at Záhradky
7:20 Meeting with a ski guide at the cash desks Záhradky, organizing information
7:30 Getting on the cable car B2 Záhradky – Priehyba, and skiing
Boarding place Biela Púť:
7:10 Getting on the cable car B3 Biela Púť – Jasná, changing for Twinliner A4 Jasná – Priehyba, skiing toward Záhradky
7:30 Getting on the cable car at Záhradky
Boarding place Srdiečko:
7:30 Boarding at Srdiečko B6
7:40 Getting on the cable car A2 Kosodrevina – Chopok, moving toward north; or if agreed on the Fresh Track on the south – the cable cabin Kosodrevina – Chopok is in operation

Where: skiing is allowed on both southern and northern sides of Mt Chopok – ski slopes 33a, 1c, 11, 11, and 1b. The ski slopes are always selected according to snow conditions. In case of weather conditions that do not allow skiing from Mt Chopok, skiing is possible at a 6-seated chairlift at Zahradky.

For organized groups, ski slopes can be also entered from the southern side of Chopok.

Note: If skiing at Zahradky, breakfast will be served at FIS bar, Zahradky.

Evening skiing is operated on the two slopes: Biela Púť 13 with a length of 990m, daily from 18:00 to 21:00. The cable car Biela Púť-Jasná B3 is in the operation. You can verify the evening skiing operation, which depends on the snow conditions on the Info center phone number 0907 88 66 44, from 8:30 to 16:30.

There is available also the après ski bar on the landing run of the slope Biela Púť during the evening skiing, where you can relax and get a new power with the good music and drinks.

You can use the Tatry Motion rental services at Biela Pút. It is possible to rent the entire ski equipment, sledge, ice skates, but also Fun tools – snow bike, ski fox, snow scoot. Another option instead of evening skiing is an unusual experience connected with a night ride on groomer and top culinary experience on the slope in the Von Roll Restaurant – Tatras dinner of experience. Or you can comfortably lift up by the cable car and just have fun on the sledges on the adjusted, illuminated track Jasná-Biela Púť. Night sledging – for everybody who still feel young enough. The free entrance is also on the ice skating rink at Biela Put, which is illuminated in the evening.

Jasná Nízke Tatry, as the largest ski area in Slovakia and the top free ride resort in Central Europe with excellent conditions for winter sports, offers endless possibilities for activities, entertainment and active leisure on northern and southern slopes of Mt. Chopok. Apart from 49 km perfectly maintained ski slopes of various difficulties Jasná is a sought-after resort for wide possibilities of free riding.

Free ride lovers come into their own in several free ride zones and a great snow park. By development of cableways running from the northern hillside (A1 Funitel) as well as the southern hillside (A2 Chopok Juh) an interconnection was created between the zones serving throughout the winter season. And thus the free ride became a more available alternative to skiing in Jasná.

The north and the south of Chopok are totally different in their nature. The advanced free riders mostly prefer steep mountain couloirs in the north, the beginners and dedicated free riders will appreciate powder plains in the south. Jasná has been definitely the largest and the best approachable free ride resort in Slovakia. The winter season lasts generally from the beginning of December to the end of April. The free ride area at Chopok is also a venue where the CGC JASNA ADRENALIN FWQ international competition has been held and is listed in the Freeride World Tour Qualifier.