…quality, which has been missing in Liptov

Natural 95 additived fuel
– unique cleaning efficiency for fuel injectors, valves and combustion chamber
– it reduces the formation of engine deposits by up to 43 percent
– it gradually removes existing deposits from the engine
Upon its long-term use you will appreciate:
– power increasing
– protecting the fuel system from corrosion
– help with cold starts
– reducing the consumption

Premium Top Diesel additived fuel
– cleans and removes the engine deposits from fuel injectors, valves and combustion chamber
– reduces foaming and volume of harmful emissions in exhaust gases
– facilitates starting
– recovers lost acceleration
– reduces fuel consumption
– recovers lost power

Refuelling the washer fluid (Screen wash) directly from the dispenser at an unbeatable price
Unique Costadoro coffee, exceptional for its flavour and quality
Delicious pralines from Belgian Cachet chocolate