14 swimming pools, 26 toboggans, fun attractions, all-day programs, restaurants, wellness and more.

Tatralandia Holiday Resort is the largest year-round water fun complex with accommodation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. It is situated in Liptov region – region with plenty of cultural sights, typical folk culture and folklore, surrounded by the highest mountains in Slovakia – High and Low Tatras, Veľká Fatra (Great Fatra), Malá Fatra (Small Fatra) and Choč Mountains.

Discover this place full of adventure and fun with Aquapark Tatralandia, which is a part of it, with year-round seaside paradise Tropical Paradise and accommodation complex Holiday Village Tatralandia.

One day is not enough to enjoy Tatralandia. It is namely an ideal place for summer and winter holiday for all ages. Small and big ones can enjoy the summer season in 14 pools with sea, thermal or pure water. You will be definitely not bored, thanks to 26 tubes and slides, attractions in Funpark, all day long program with  animation team  or summer events. In case of raining, we will meet under the translucent roof of the year-round Tropical Paradise, when the temperature of water and air does not drop below 30°C.

The fun in Tatralandia is not finishing with summer. You can sunbathe under the palm trees or have fun in 6 toboggans, relax in 10 pools, enjoy beneficial effects of thalassotherapy, regenerate your body in Celtic Sauna World and renew the lost power thanks to the massages, wraps and baths in Wellness Paradise throughout the year. And you, who desire to enjoy the real winter, just get on the ski bus, which will transport you comfortably to the coolest ski centre in Slovakia – Jasná Nízke Tatry.

Simply, fun, relax and adventure 365 days a year in one place. In Tatralandia.

A wooden ship, which wrecked on a rock. New true corals, shells and colourful fish next to it..

A wooden ship, which wrecked on a rock. New true corals, shells and colourful fish next to it. Tall palm trees on the shore, and relaxation on comfortable lounges in the shadow… Did you have a strong desire to exchange the atmosphere of common days for the heat on the beach? Nothing impossible, a little is enough and you are in the tropical paradise. The foyer of the Tropical Paradise is marked by the tropical world. You walk along the replicas of old buildings typical for Africa and colonial world rising out of the jungle. The path leads to the shipwreck broken down by the rock cliff.

The Tropical Paradise is divided into two parts by the ship. On the left side there is a water world of four pools. They are linked by the water therapy – lounges, jets, each of them massaging another part of your body. And into the bargain, foot massage and water relaxation journey have been added. Two pools are available for visitors with crystal clear water, another two even with seawater, heated to comfortable 34-36 degrees. Salt melted in the water contains 32 chemical compounds, which have beneficial and relaxation effects on the whole body. And thus you can enjoy the therapy by the sea (Thalassotherapy) even in Liptov anytime throughout the year.

In the middle of the four pools, there is a Barbados bar. Original mixed drinks you can indulge yourself directly in the water or on the shore. Snorkelling is another new attraction. The rock, on which the ship wrecked, will reveal its submarine secrets in a special pool. Young explorers can circumnavigate it and submerge looking for shells shielding a pearl or find the pirate treasure. The greatest experience of them, however, provides insight into the true coral reef and its inhabitants – sea flowers and colourful fish living in their own world of aquarium with six cubic meters of seawater.

You can recover and get new stamina for next expeditions to Caribbean fauna or just to take a nap in the shadow of true palm trees on one of the hundreds of comfortable lounges in the relaxing area of the Tropical Paradise. Thanks to the unique roof foil you can get sunburned even in winter at the constant inside temperature of 30°C. A rich selection of Caribbean specialties and beverages is offered by a restaurant Paradiso. All this fit comfortably into the Tropical Paradise, indeed, it´s area is about 400 m2 larger than a football pitch. The shell, which it is similar to, is only a part of what is waiting for the visitors of Tatralandia throughout the year

A quick ride, some adrenaline, hot water, fun with friends – it’s a holiday in the popular Aquapark Tatralandia.


TORNADO – the longest rafting slide with a whirlpool in Central Europe. Take your friends for a crazy ride in a raft for two people. Start from a 12 m tower, speed up and fly in water whirlwind capturing everyone. Take a picture of yourself on a water slide

RAPIDO – a 90 m long blue-violet tube slide, which certainly exceeds expectations of those the most demanding fanciers dedicated to crazy and speedy ride.

MONKEY SLIDE – let yourself to be carried away by a water stream and indulge the unique relish of freedom and game of colours when riding in the 100 m long tube slide.

JUNGLE RAFT – enjoy the comfortable ride on rafting wheels in the family toboggan. Let´s go on the wheels and enjoy the jungle full of fun.

BLACK & WHITE – black and white is always in fashion; it does not matter what season it is.  Just jump in the raft and enjoy your unbound ride.

WOOD SPLASH  2 water slides for children in the pool with a Jumbo castle situated in indoor space of the Island of Pirates of the Caribbean.


TRIO – the unique water tube in Slovakia offers fun to you and other two people at the same time. During the ride all of you are sitting opposite each other and enjoy both, the ride down and twisting, which depends just on your cleverness.

BOOMERANG RAFT RAMP – enjoy real adrenaline in the unique rafting U-ramp in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. Take a picture of yourself on a water slide

CRAZY RIVER – A funny ride on inflatable wheel in „crazy river“ with gradients and turbulent currents. Try to make a chain with your friends and enjoy fantastic experience ofyour common crazy party on rafts.

ROLLERCOASTER – A rafting water slide equipped with inflatable wheels for two and three persons to ride on. A cool yellow-blue ride full of sharp curves.

TRIPLE SPLASH – A super speed triple slide. Let´s grab the slide mats and be prepared for the real triple competition.

DOUBLE BUBBLE – Compare your abilities on inflatable rafts when riding in the super speed double slide.

FREE FALL – Those the most brave fellows can experience the feeling of gravitation-less state in the steepest water slide in Slovakia.

DOUBLE FALL – A water slide with two levels of free fall. Enjoy the double free fall, a unique experience of gravitation-less state!

ANAKONDA – Jump in and enjoy the feeling of freedom in the longest water slide in Slovakia and as well in the Czech Republic.

TWISTER – Turning, twisting, squirming, slimming. A bit of courage is enough and the real summer ride can start.

BLACK HOLE – This water tube will get over your ideas. Water columns will lead you through the dark towards desired light.

KAMIKADZE – Four floors upward and then downward in 3 seconds – no return from up there, just enjoy the feeling of free fall speed.

NIAGARA – The three-lane water slide is a challenge to be faster than the two other rivals. Lie on the mat with your head down and enjoy the head-by-head competition. Who will be the winner?

BANANA FUN – The comfortable rafting slide offers a funny ride to every member of your family.

BLACK MAGIC – With this tube you will enjoy an adrenaline threatening ride on a triple raft with a light show.

In Tatralandia you can experience your Caribbean dream all year long. The transparent roof with light effects evokes seaside tranquillity and sun either at night or in winter. 

A pirate ship led by Captain Barbossa is divided into two parts: the lower part – aquamarine with pools, and the upper part – the “Palm Beach” sunny rest area. Pools for children and adults are placed at the bottom of the ship! Adults can enjoy the tranquillity in a large tropical Ocean pool equipped with water massage beds, spouts, underwater massages and a swimming section with sea waves and coloured underwater lights. The water temperature reaches 32°C.

csm_dsc_4492_1__2_-0_-1_fused_8bf620f47bChildren will surely enjoy the Children’s Pirate Pool with the giant Jumbo Castle and a moat. They´ll be welcome by a number of friendly and exotic animal figures. A crocodile, a parrot and a little water snake refresh the youngest visitors with streams of water sprayed into the air. All this is watched by two curious fellows – the parrots Kiko and Zaza, who enjoy their time in the crowns of coconut trees. Children can play games on different slides or ride down a hollow tree trunk. Huge swaying melons may surprise you with spray of water.

You´ll have many opportunities for spending pleasant time on the top deck of our Caribbean ship and enjoy the exotic environment! You can just sit or lie on comfortable deck chairs, rocking chairs or family swings under the palm trees. Children will be delighted by a children playground with an interactive castle.

Would you like real Caribbean refreshment? In the original NEW TIKI Bar on Palm Beach you´ll experience the atmosphere of the Caribbean with irresistible offer of pizza and tasty hot-dogs.

Thermal pool

The outdoor sports Thermal Pool with thermal water was undergo a considerable change before the winter. It was divided in two parts, a sports area with colder water and a relaxation area with a higher water temperature (36 – 40 ˚C). The both parts of the pool will be completely renovated including new technology installed in the pool. Air massage beds, seats and a water spring will raise the atmosphere of relaxation. Water with a temperature of 60.7 ˚C injected in the outdoor Thermal Pool from a 2.5 km deep bore, plays a significant role in the region of Liptov. It contains water from the Palaeogene Sea which has already been in the Liptov basin 40 million years ago. Mineral water from Tatralandia has beneficial effects on the locomotive and respiratory system.

Area: 433,8 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 35,2 x 14,2 m
Water capacity: 432 m3

White lagoon

It is a pool with water composition nearly identical to the Adriatic Sea. Warm saltwater with a temperature of 34–36°C has cleansing effect to your body. Minerals crystallize on your skin and the salt makes the skin smooth and calm. Swimming in saltwater activates the regeneration and revitalization process in cells, increases the concentration of iron in the blood. In addition, saltwater has natural antiseptic properties destroying microorganisms commonly found in pool water, and that´s why it is healthier. Enjoy the real saltwater therapy (thalasso therapy).

Area: 128 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 15 x 8  m
Water capacity: 141 m3

Bubble pool

A pool with 34–36°C temperature heated seawater is another unique pool, in which you can support the detoxification of your body and strengthen your immune system. Lying on massage tables, pool massage lounges and under air geysers your body is wholly massaged by water jets. Thalsso therapy also helps with skin problems, improves blood count, cellulite and helps with rheumatism and sports injuries. Saltwater has naturally disinfecting effects and strengthens immunity.

Area: 146 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 15 x 11 m
Water capacity: 161 m3

Paradise pool

In the pool with a 34–36 °C crystal clear water temperature your body is completely released. Lounges, jets and massages are part of a water relaxing journey. Right from the pool you can see a replica of Spanish Galleon – a ship used often by pirates. You can enjoy the hot atmosphere while drinking cold drinks at the water bar Barbados.

Area: 149 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 20 x 8 m
Water capacity: 164 m3

Tropical pool

The pool with crystal clear water with a temperature of 34–36 °C offers relaxation and water therapy. On pool floats, massage tables or under air geysers you can massage the back part of your body, your back and legs. You will get relaxed in pleasantly warm water and in the shadow of a big pirate ship you will definitely forget everyday problems.

Area: 433,8 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 35,2 x 14,2 m
Water capacity: 432 m3

Snorkeling pool

Adventure and fun experience kids and also adults when examining the real underwater world in the snorkelling pool. Who is not satisfied just with examination of fish and corals he will surely come into his own when playing underwater games and looking for the lost treasure. The pool is filled with crystal clear water reaching a temperature of 34–36°C.

Area42 m2
Depth: 120 cm
Size of pools: 9,3 x 6 m
Water Capacity: 50 m3


Besides the great view of Tatra Mountains you will enjoy water massages, beds, spouts, bubblers, massage jets and a swimming area with counter current in this indoor pool with crystal clear water heated at 32°C. The atmosphere of the wellness is pleasantly finished with mysterious under-water illuminations.

Area: 202 m2
Depth: 120 cm
Size of pools: 11 x 18,4 m
Water Capacity: 243 m3

Children´s pirates pool

Crystal clear water in the pool for the smallest visitors in an indoor part of the Caribbean area is pleasantly heated at 32°C. Children can blow off steam in a Jumbo castle and in a water moat full of slides, exotic animals and palm trees. Watching their kids, parents can have a rest on a lounge next to the pool.

Area: 90,5 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 8 x 11,3 m
Water capacity: 27 m3

Niagara pool

The outdoor pool with 30° C water is available for visitors throughout the year. Your health is then strengthened not just for making sports but also due to healing effects of thermal water on locomotive organs and respiratory system.

Area: 399,6 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 33,3 x12 m
Water capacity: 440 m3

Tower pool

A year round landing pool with clear warmed up water. It´s serves as a landing area for the year round water slides Jungle Raft, Black & White, Rapido and Monkey Slide.

Area: 65,32 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 9,2 x 7,1 m
Water capacity: 20 m3

Pool 21 atractions

In this summer pool, besides water heated up to 28 – 32 °C, 21 attractions as a children´s triple-slide, water swings, water umbrella, artificial rain, air geysers, seats and deck-chairs, gutter spouts, back and foot massages are waiting for you.

Area: 312,5 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 25 x 12,5 m
water capacity: 344 m3


A children´s pool providing your little kids refreshment and fun during the heat of summer days. A tropical castle with palm trees, a snake, a Wood Splash mini toboggan and Amazonia water slide, and water with a temperature of 30 – 33 °C altogether with more than 300 square metres of area – this is a water paradise for all of little visitors in Tatralandia.

Area: 300 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 19 m
Water Capacity: 90 m3

Swimming pool

If you spent enough time having fun in Tatralandia, the time has come to really play sports. A 25 m long swimming pool with swim lanes designed for sportsmen and water heated to temperature of 24 – 26 °C is an ideal place.  Except from the swimming pool, 2 pools with crystal clear heated water are waiting for you.

Area: 312,5 m2
Depth: 140 cm
Size of pools: 25 x 12,5 m
Water capacity: 437,5 m3

Raftaria pool

A summer landing pool with clear warmed up water. It´s serves as a landing area for summer water slides Crazy River, Rollercoaster, Tripple Splash, Double Bubble, Double Fall and Free Fall.

Area: 380 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 20 x 12 m
Water capacity: 264 m3