competition organizer
Regional Tourism Organisation region Liptov (the “Organizer”), Štúrova 1989/41, 031 42 Liptovský Mikuláš
About the competition
Organizer launches competition entitled “Search for treasures Liptova” (the “Competition”), which is open to all visitors and inhabitants of the region. The draw will include all parties to complete a personal information that has been uploaded to the selected locations, plotted with the correct response (symbols) of at least 3 puzzles, which were hidden in chests.
During the competition
Those interested can find chests with puzzles from 8 June to 30 September, 2015.
If a puzzle to decipher response (symbol) drawn in the designated boxes on page 17 of the brochure “Search for treasures Liptov”.
Page 17 correctly marked with three different answers (symbols) transmitted at selected locations (as listed on page 18 booklet “Search for treasures Liptova ‘) and profits Liptovským bag of treasure and a small menu of the parent in the form of Liptov specialties.
On page 18, complete the personal information.
The organizer is not responsible for any incorrect entries (name, town, email address), respectively. change data by the winners, which would result in that winning will not be properly transferred, respectively. delivered to the winner. In such cases, won forfeit for the organizers and winners extinguish any claim for additional application of your winnings to the organizers.
In the event of a dispute about the validity of the claims of winning the decision of organizers of the competition final decision.
Prizes can not be enforced by the courts.
Any natural person can only win one trophy, but may be included in the draw as many times as ticket transmitted.
Prizes will be winners residing in Liptovsky passed at the headquarters of the Organiser against the submission of a valid identity document and signature of the winner compared to the acceptance report or compared to the signature of the legal representative of the winner in the case of minors. These winners will be invited to transpose the organizer of matches within email notification of the prize, which will occur within 10 days after the drawing of the winner.
Win other winners will be sent by registered mail, respectively. home delivery in their own hands to eight weeks from the date of notification or the prize in person subject to prior agreement.
To fund any tax liabilities arising from the victory alone is responsible winner.
By participating in the competition the participant agrees with the competition conditions of the competition.
Win the contest
Main prize are:
Weekend stay with breakfast for family (2 + 2) *** Hotel Koliba Greta Liptovská Sielnica
Sightseeing flight over the Liptov sleeps 3 Heliport Liptov
4 x 1-day ski pass for the winter season 2015/2016 JASNA Low Tatras, Demanovska Valley
2 x entrance Tropical Packet Tatralandia, Liptovský Mikuláš
2 x input Sea & Fun Packet Park Bešeňová
2 x 1-day ski pass for the winter season 2015/2016 Ruzomberok-Malino Brdo
Aqua-Vital Package (outdoor swimming pools, vital world + 3.5 hrs.) For the whole family SPA LUCKY, Inc.
Aqua-Vital Package (outdoor swimming pools, vital world + 3.5 hrs.) For the whole family SPA LUCKY, Inc.
Tourist backpack McKINLEY AIRTOUR 28 Intersport, Liptovský Mikuláš
Trekking sticks McKINLEY Discovery Intersport, Liptovský Mikuláš
2 x multifunction scarf Intersport, Liptovský Mikuláš
A gift basket full of traditional Liptov products granary, Liptovský Mikuláš
Package organic products organic farm, Važec
Pairings major wins will be implemented through the Organizer.
Should it prove impossible to reach a winner within 10 days after the mailing of the first attempt to contact the expiry of that period the winner loses the right to exercise your winnings.
If the winners do not fulfill the conditions of the competition rules or they can not be reached in due time, they will draw a replacement winner.
The organizer is not liable for failure to deliver winnings in case of change of residence of the winner if he this change was not the winner duly and timely notified, as in the absence of the winner at the address given winner announced, nor for any loss, damage, deterioration or non-delivery of a prize, or have it served up after the deadline specified in these rules caused by mail or other carrier. The winners, who at the time of being informed of the prize reach the age of 18 years shall be in application and acceptance won by their legal representatives
Pairings major wins
The draw will take place on the main matches on 15. 10. 2015 a random drawing of lots in order from the highest to the lowest wins. The draw will take place in the presence of the jury, composed of representatives of the Organizer.
The draw of the main prizes will include all completed pages of the brochure “Search Liptova treasures” that they qualify for the competition and have been passed within the due date of the competition.
Each participant can only win one major prize (in value above). In the case of retrieval The draw, will be raffling off a new winner. In assessing re Vyžrebovanie takes into account name and email address.
The results of the draw will be posted on the website no later than 22 10, 2015.
The organizer will publish name and town / city winner. Prizes will be delivered to the winners by registered mail no later than 8 weeks from the date of the draw. Win not taken to the winners within 30 days from the date of dispatch shall be forfeited to the organizers and competitors to it does not claim any further. The prize can not be recovered by legal means, and it is not possible to claim it in alternative formats.
Participants signing up competition and met the conditions for giving the Organizer their explicit consent to the processing of personal data, which are provided as identification data of the competition (name, age, email address, etc.) as well as the processing of data in order to implement competition and the prize thereafter.
These personal data may be processed and used for marketing purposes and OOCR Cluster LIPTOV Liptov region.
Consent to the processing of personal data is revocable during the competition.
Earnings and benefits obtained in the competition are not legally enforceable.
Organizer reserves the right, in case of suspected infringement of these conditions of competition, a competitor to refuse to participate in the competition and the right to withhold prize winner, even retroactively.
Organisers responsible for the progress of the competition
The organizer reserves the right of final decision in all matters relating to organizing competitions, including the disruption, prolonged contest, withdraw or amend its rules.
Prize from the competition there is no legal claim prize can not be exchanged, claim to the prize can not be transferred to another person or another competitor. The competition shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic, and the recovery of participation in the contest or win through the courts is excluded. Prizes can not be paid in cash.
Final provisions
These rules are in competition regarded as the only complete and final.
Participation in the contest is voluntary and its participant’s participation in the competition agrees with its rules, and to follow all the rules and conditions.
Any circumvention of these rules to the competitors or attempting to abuse them is a cause for immediate disqualification of such competitor from the competition.
In case the competitor was not entitled to any action or statement that, during its participation in the contest or in connection with, did Organizer undertakes to reimburse any costs or harm to him as a result of such conduct occurred.
In case of winning the prize by a person who at the time of transmission Win has not reached the age of 18 will require the organizer of the winner’s legal representatives to represent it in taking prizes, or to give a written consent to be won.
If any disputes or concerns regarding competition rules on competition čiakýchkoľvek claims in connection with participation in the competition is always decisive and final, Organizer’s opinion.
The only detailed the rules in force in their full, for the duration of the competition published in electronic form on the website of the organizer while being stored in writing to the address of the organizer.
In Liptovsky Mikulas, on 01. 06. 2015Organizátor súťaže