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Sauna night rituals

Under the cloak of night, our park changes to a magical place full of relaxation and peace.

csm_P1010016_1cf00df502Summer magical night of sauna rituals 12/8/2017

Following night of sauna rituals takes name Summer magical night and will run from 8:45pm to 01:00am. During the night, clients can use the wellness centre, indoor pools and the Atrium.
Sauna ceremonies will take place in the Chopok sauna and the Finnish sauna, peelings will be offered in the new SUNRISE Salt sauna.

Sauna rituals

Moments spent in a sauna are more intensive and more interesting thanks to a sauna master who adds a new dimension to sauna pleasure by swirling the air, pouring water with aroma essence on stones and applying a peeling or other products on the skin. Try it once and you will fall for this new sauna hit.

Relax during sauna rituals and peelings and enjoy unique shows of our sauna masters.


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