Thermal heart of the Liptov region


A NEW steam sauna with high air humidity (100%) and temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. Steam saunas are ideal for clients who cannot tolerate hot Finnish saunas very well. To be opened soon…

CHOPOK sauna

A dry sauna ideal for those who want to take care of their bodies. It helps regenerate and relax the body and mind. Flawless relaxation in a sauna with a beautiful view of Mt. Chopok.

Menthol inhalation

The power of menthol combined with steam cleanses the airways and unclogs the pores of the skin. Comfortable seats, humidity and warmth guarantee great relaxation for body and mind.

Roman bath

Treat yourself to a heavenly feeling in hot steam. Find the harmony of body and mind like in the Roman era.

Dry Finnish sauna

A classic dry sauna that warms up and cleanses the body. Dry saunas combined with cold baths energise your body and relieve stress.

Traditional Thai Massage

Get taken care of by professionals. Here at the wellenss center, You’ll find time for calming down and getting well again

Gratis relaxation tea

Tea is included in the price of every massage treatment.

Garra Fish therapy

Garra Rufa fish, also called “doctor fish“ remove dead skin cells gently and make your feet smoother and softer. These fish naturally feed also on dead skin cells.

We know how much you love relaxation so we have decided to offer our sauna rituals every day. This means anytime you come, you can enjoy special sauna experience like never before.

What are sauna rituals?

Unique sauna pleasure prepared by professional and experienced sauna masters. Swirling hot air and melting ice with aroma essence add a completely new dimension to moments spent in a sauna.

What makes sauna rituals special?

Sauna masters pour water on stones to increase the air humidity, which makes you feel warmer. They use various tools to swirl hot air such as towels and alike. It is not only beneficial but also guarantees an interesting sauna culture lesson.

For whom are sauna rituals meant?

Are you not sure if sauna ceremonies are suitable for you? Try them. Every ritual is about 10 minutes long and after it, there is enough time for relaxation and refreshment, for example with a drink in your hand.

If you know sauna rituals and have experienced them during the day, we can guarantee the experience will be multiplied at night, especially thanks to the silence and peace in the whole area. The number of clients is limited so don´t hesitate and make a reservation.