Уникальное путешествие по Словакии в галерее трик-арта и оптических иллюзий.

Trickart is art that creates a visual illusion. These works of art depict items that appear to exist but that are only two-dimensional drawings. It’s a game between the artist and the visitor. To succeed, you must engage all your senses because nothing is how it appears at first glance. It’s all in your head. Our brain often identifies images that we see through the eyes without thinking about them, which results in a sensory illusion. We simply get the impression at first glance that what we see is real and only realise it’s a trick once we give it a bit more thought. Trick-art artists try their best to “deceive” you and you are going to want to identify as many of these tricks as possible. It’s exciting and entertaining for everyone!

Tricklandia covers an area of 500 m2

Construction involved the use of more than 200 m2 mirrors

Our art work used more than 2,000 cans of spray paint

We worked on Tricklandia for exactly a year putting in 9,600 hours of work

Production of the exhibits required 6 m3 of wood and 9,600 screws

15 trick-art pictures, a 6 m-tall book and 7 other exhibits await your visit