A new funny park was launched in the region of Liptov!

A unique children´s amusement park – TATRAPOLIS – has arisen at Tatralandia water park. It opens its gates for visitors in June this year. Tatrapolis  is mainly designated to children, who can either have fun in here or learn something new from Geography or History. It´s a suitable place for a family holiday or school trips. The main entrance is situated next to the Hurricane Factory´s building.

It´s an original connection of blacksmithing art and passion for travel which resulted in an untraditional kind of children´s amusement park. Over an area of … ha (m2) you can see metal miniatures of world´s famous buildings, you can experience the blacksmith´s work or just have fun at children´s attractions. The Metal Alley with a blacksmith workshop or a wooden church on the Angel´s Hill put the finishing touch to the area.

The Globe-Round Square with a revolving metal statue of Globe and 12 world´s famous miniature building replicas is a heart of Tatrapolis. They´re made of iron and are faithful copies of original works. During your short walk around the square you can symbolically travel the world and admire the gracefulness of the Eiffel Tower, watch the Big Ben, count the “petals” of the Sydney Opera House or compare the Slovak TV Kamzík Tower with the Canadian CN Tower. Interestingly, these works are not little pieces of art, yet large metal sculptures. After all, the Eiffel Tower is 7 m high. It´s an ideal place to take an exceptional selfie!

You can find the blacksmith working at Tatrapolis every day. He fires up his forge and creates different iron shapes in front of visitors´ eyes. You can see how to heat iron, how to bend it, and what an anvil is. You can learn how heavy a blacksmith hammer is, and how much time it takes to bend the iron. This is also the way how to bring the art of our ascendants closer to our visitors and to show them a huge amount of hard work hidden in all those miniatures.

Free Children´s attractions are a big allurement for children and adults and are included in the price of admission. Children can enjoy a ride on the Tatrapolis Express train; take a ride on the classic Carousel or the Motodrome. They can get lost in the Mirror Labyrinth and try the wet alternation of fun on Confused Boats or an adrenaline ride in the Water Shot.

Visitors to Tatrapolis will neither miss catering services nor gift shops. Gastronomic specialties are served in a stylish pub „Hostinec u Kováča“ (At Blacksmiths´) and „Darčekovo“ („Gift Land“) souvenir shop will help them to choose something little and nice to remind you of the visit.

If you´re looking for an original place to spend free time with your family, you have just found it – TATRAPOLIS.