Summer bobsledge ŽIARCE belongs to one of the Top Attractions in Liptov. On 1000 m long track at maximum speed of 40 km/h you will overcome a total of 16 curves of different difficulty.

The feeling of speed is enhanced by the slope itself across the track and 6 terrain jumps with 2 artificially created wooden ramps, which give the bobsledge even more attractiveness. Summer bobsledge ŽIARCE is a very safe and the ride itself can be handled by children from 7 years. The ticket for 10 rides can be also used by more than one person and it is valid for the whole summer season.

Look for treasure boxes at the following GPS: N49.025412° E19.561496°
ATTENTION! GPS coordinates determine the destination. Look for a chest. We do not play geocaching.
Access to Truhlička may be subject to payment of an entry. Protecting chests.