Stationary engines were used to drive transmissions in factories, mils, wheat grinders, circular saws, pumps and so on. They helped workers and farmers until electro motors with their light weightiness, small size, efficiency and fast deployment in duty, replaced them.

The collection of stationary engines from pre – war and post – war era in Czechoslovakia.

The collection is made up from manufacturers brands like Slávia which founders are Brothers Paříkoví from the city Napajedla one of their engine is from the year 1922 with 4 hp. powered by gasoline and two diesel slavias with 5 hp. and 8 hp. from the year 1946. One of the most famous manufacturer from Kroměříž was Ignác Lorenz, from which are in the collection stationary engines like gasoline engines with 3 Hp. from the year 1923 and 3 – 3,5 hp. type S from the year 1930. The last Lorenz engine that ended his production was the type EA with 4 hp. from the year 1950 which is also part of the collection. The next manufacturer is Wichterle & Kovařik from Prostějov with engine called Robot with 4 hp. from the year 1932. The last of stationary engine is engine Sendling with 7 hp. from wartime Germany from 1945.