Farma Východná is the highest-located organic farm in the region of Liptov (930 meters above the sea level).

“Being considerate towards nature while benefiting the people.”

We are mainly focused on rearing of organic beef cattle and sheep with the aim of producing milk. Thanks to the unique quality of milk from the mountain region of the High Tatras, we offer exclusive cheese delicacies and delicious natural cheeses under the brand Farma Východná, which keep winning numerous competitions across both Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Aside from the production of milk and milk products, we also grow organic herbs and berries, as well as offer guided tours of our farm. Pastures full of herbs and mountain air with the scent of pine trees and mushrooms are the guarantee for creating unique farm delicacies.


At our organic Farm, you can look into the process of fodder preparation for our cows and sheep, watch the milking of our cows live, met our adult cows, as well as visit our kindergarten, where you get a chance to pet and interact with calves that were born today! Learn how many stomachs does a cow have, who is the strongest person at our Farm, but also, why our cows have a hairdressing saloon and receive pedicure, and why they live in a hotel. Get to know the process of raising cows and sheep in an entertaining and interactive way, learn more about production and processing of milk, taste the freshest cheese before it makes its way into the stores, meet real-life farm animals! All of this awaits you during your visit to the highest situated farm in the region of Liptov, where our cows look at the legendary Kriváň – the mountain that is the national symbol of Slovakia.