„Pivovar Liptovär“ Brewery follows the tradition of original craft breweries in the region of Liptov. Brewing rights started to be granted from the beginning of the 13th century. Upper brew was always the creator of the amber nectar, and each batch of beer was brewed with an emphasis on product quality. Currently, beer is made according to traditional technologies with use of traditional ingredients: malt, local water, hops and yeast. Our production represents only unpasteurized and unfiltered beer that inspires with its pleasant bitterness.

Our beer

Our beers are created using the following ingredients: drinking water from the village of Demänová, pilsner malt and special malts, hops and brewery yeast. We use the technology of one-phase fermentation with a process of malt fermentation, and aging in a cylindrical and conical tank. Since this is an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, a typical yeast taste and flavour is found in it.

Svätlý Mikuláš 12% – lager – single malt

Svätlý Mikuláš represents a „lager“ beer category. It is a drink made from water, pilsner malt, hops and bottom fermentation yeast. Beer is fermented by 12°C; it has full flavour with medium intensity of bitterness. On cooling down to 0°C, a bond of carbon dioxide arises and the beer gets a round flavour typical for lagers. The drink has a golden yellow colour and thick foam, gentle smell of malt and hops, and easily citrus and grass. It has medium flavour, and medium snappiness. Alcohol content of beer is at least 4.6% Vol.

Garbiar 12% – ale – single hop

Garbiar 12% is a representative of „ale“ beer category. 4 types of malts and only one type of aromatic hops and special yeast with an optimal temperature of about 20°C are used for its production. Finely balanced acidity is its typical feature. This kind of beer is a combination of lactic acid and acetic acid, which are the products of fermentation of special yeasts. The drink has a tan colour and thick foam, the smell of malt, less hoppy. It has medium flavour and medium snappiness. Alcohol content of beer is at least 4.6% Vol.

APA Mikuláš 14% – American Pale Ale

The markedly bitter beer belongs to the American type India Pale Ale category. 4 kinds of malts, a special American hop and „American“ ale fermentation yeasts are used in the production of beer at a temperature of 24°C. The beer has intensive yet not unpleasant bitterness, floral and citrus aroma and grassy flavour. It has high flavour and medium snappiness. The colour is tan to copper. Alcohol content of beer is at least 5.5 % Vol.

Tmavý Mikuláš 13% – Lager

Except for water, yeasts, hops and Pilsner malt, special malts are used for the production of lager. The unique composition of four types of malts gives the beer pleasant caramel flavour. The beer is dark to black in colour with delicate thick foam. Caramel base easily dominates, and hops and yeast complete the overall perception. The beer has medium flavour and medium snappiness. Alcohol content of beer is at least 5.0% Vol.

Biely Mikuláš 12% – Weiss / Weizen Bier – seasonal offer

This is especially ale fermented beer, in which barley malt is mostly replaced with wheat malt. Malt ingredients prevail. Special yeasts, typical for this type of beer, produce metabolites that can be compared to the taste of banana, vanilla and clove. The dominant position of wheat and yeast evokes sour aftermath on your tongue. The drink has a straw colour and thick foam. It has medium flavour and higher snappiness. Alcohol content of beer is at least 4.6% Vol.